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so much smut

Nights on Stained Sheets

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Sam (solo)
Rating: NC-17. Fo’ realsies.
Summary: Sam finds porn isn’t working for him like it used to, but an accidentally opened video leads to a whole new world for him.
Warnings: None
This is a GKM fill. PDF/e-reader versions of all my fics are available here.

It was late, Sam was bored and, worst of all, nothing was working for him. Maybe it was something about the light. People said computer monitors were designed for daylight, right? It was midnight. Maybe his monitor was just too bright. Maybe he was just over all the fake breasts and bad acting. He had to admit that porn wasn’t working for him like it used to.

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"Something About The Fire" - [Puckerbros] - [Non-con, Incest, Monstercock, Bondage]

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Puckercest
Rating: NC-17. Fo’ realsies.
Summary: Sequel to ‘The Puckerman Genes’. After their initial encounter, Jake’s been kept by Noah…
Warnings: Pain, Bondage, Monstercock, Rough, Non-Con, Incest.
This was a requested fic. PDF/e-reader versions of all my fics are available here.

It was his sixth hour and nothing had changed. He could still feel his own breath heavy against himself, damp droplets collecting where spit gathered around the outsides of his mouth. Dehydration was setting in. His lips were cracking slightly, his throat tightening, his body begging for water to soothe itself. Jake Puckerman had never gone so long without water. He danced; he knew the value of staying hydrated. The body began to rebel after a certain amount of time, after the throat began to beg for anything to moisten the walls of itself, after what little saliva you could muster began to find its way to the tongue. Silk ran over his tongue, silk covering plastic in a simple, homemade device. A one night stand’s lost scarf and a squash ball prised open Jake’s mouth, his teeth digging too deeply into the black orb that prised his jaw open to let him shake his jaw free, the scarf binding it tightly to his neck so that any attempt to saw open the silk with his teeth would risk tightening the already heavy tension on his airway. He’d tried, slowly at first, gently, but he became desperate, and he became dehydrated, and his jaw didn’t move as smoothly as he would have liked. Instead it grated and pulled, and the silk shifted clumsily and heavily as it rolled, every movement sending uncomfortable sensations through his body as sheer fabric scraped and grated against rough incisors. He’d never liked those kinds of things. Sensations had a tendency to race through his body, prickling every last hair and raising goosebumps as he shivered. Things like knives scraping on a countertop, or the way old, thin, crushed carpet under flat-soled shoes moved underfoot. Jake couldn’t stand them. Sensations did as much to mess with his head as any torture ever could.

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So here’s the dealio. I’m not really feeling my current queue, so it’s cleared. I’m semi-back from hiatus, seeing how things go. I now have one request, and it’s what I’m working on. Requests are reopened. Let’s try this again.

The Girl In Question - [Faberry] - [Genderplay]

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Faberry
Rating: NC-17. Fo’ realsies.
Summary: Rachel tells Quinn she’s too femme and could never pass as a guy, so the blonde decides to surprise Rachel, taking her out to a movie while dressed as a boy - and packing a surprising bit of anatomy…
Warnings: Genderplay, rough sex, dirty talk, public.
This was a requested fic. PDF/e-reader versions of all my fics are available here.

Rachel Berry did not understand how they’d gotten to this point. She knew how it started – that was easy. Santana was throwing her second annual Big Gay Halloween Party, and Quinn and Rachel had decided on a couples costume. Rachel was Fantine – before her fall from grace, obviously – and Quinn was… Jean Valjean. Not that she couldn’t pull it off – she looked hot, but it was a ‘sexy’ Jean Valjean, for one reason and one reason only…

“You’re too femme.”

“Rach, c’mon, I look great.”

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"The Puckerman Genes" - [Puckerbros]

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Puckerbros
Rating: NC-17. Fo’ realsies.
Summary: Puck has a monstercock. Jake’s with his brother in his tiny L.A. apartment, and one day Puck catches Jake coming out of the shower. He can’t get the image of Jake’s perfect ass out of his head, so he grabs Jake and ties him to the bed…
Warnings: Non-con, Incest, Violence, Monstercock, Restraint, Bareback.
This was a requested fic. PDF/e-reader versions of all my fics are available here.

“Hey man, where the hell are the towels?”
Jake’s voice rang through Puck’s tiny apartment. It had to. The walls were paper thin and the bathroom had tiles that had to have been about sixty years old. The combination made for sound that first echoed, then travelled. He’d sat idly flipping through his phone’s email as his brother had been showering, and now that he had to think, he honestly didn’t know.
“Uh, hang on…” He said, rooting around for something. Anything. He finally found an old towel underneath last week’s – last month’s? – laundry. He stood, stepping into the bathroom.

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"Dancers Dancing" - [Mike/Jake] - [First Time, Sweet Sex, Nervousness]

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Mike/Jake
Rating: NC-17. Fo’ realsies.
Summary: Mike gives Jake some dance training, and discovers the reason why he’s not doing his best… [Approx: 4x08/09]
Warnings: First Time
This was a request. PDF/e-reader versions of all my fics are available here.

"No, new kid, bow your legs more.”
Mike Chang was a man of many talents. He could sing – sort of, he could dance – definitely, and it turns out he could coach – a bit. Jake Puckerman was talented, but it wasn’t the kind of dancing he needed to be able to do. There was a refined movement to the boy’s legs – ballet, he decided it must be – and it meant that whenever Mike told him to be loose, he seized up rigidly as though he was about to dance for the Queen. This caused problems. Jake wasn’t the lead at sectionals, but he was clearly the most talented dancer and a definite cause to be championed. If he could set Jake on the right path, New Directions would on solid ground. The problem was entirely in Jake’s own legs.

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Anonymous asked: I'm the anon who requested Mike/Jake and I just saw that you had moved it to the top of your queue! You don't know how happy that makes me. I'm also really glad you liked the prompt especially since it's a little different pairing when it comes to glee. Hope you're doing well!

Woo, so, here’s me saying despite being on hiatus, I finally got around to filling this fic. Hopefully you see it! I’ll post it in a few days. It’s not quite finished yet. 


To those of you still waiting for updates, maybe someday. I’m not finished writing fic. I’m on Hiatus. What this means for you, though, is mostly that there’ll be very little content. I’ll try and be productive, but I turned to RPing as a way to make my smut better (by bouncing off other writers), and while I think it’s working, it’s also sucking up most of my creative energy. For those of you who really are desperate for content, why not follow me? I play Quinn in a Glee AU BDSM, Master/slave RP. For those who just want more content, well, I’ll try and get something up. I’ve neglected this for too long, and this is my promise that it’s now back on my To-Do list.

I feel like writing something from my request queue today, but I’m not feeling any of what’s on there. So, let’s be democratic. My queue is here. Let me know which ones you guys want to see, or make me a better suggestion, and I’ll give it a go.

Anonymous asked: Are you going to start posting from your requests queue soon? There are several prompts there that I'm looking forward to :-)

I’m quite busy at the moment, but I hope to pick up with them soon

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